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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The New Flock Arrives!

So, if you've been following my blog at all, you know I am a chicken-lover. I grew up with chickens and here I am - 30 years later - reverting to my hen-ish ways! 

When I initially got my 4 hens two years ago, I got them as dual-purpose birds - 2 years laying then into the freezer. Well, as you know, I ended up with only 2 hens after 2 years. The 2 remaining hens - Daisy and Buff (yes, the ones that were attacked) - are now resting peacfully in my freezer. Last week Buff somehow broke her leg in the coop and was completely unable to walk... and I couldn't leave Daisy by herself so it was off the the butcher... they otta be pretty tasty on the Traeger!
(Thank you to Scott @ Harrington Poultry for taking care of my girls!)

Hangin' With My New Peeps! 
I have re-established my flock with 6 new little ones... actually, they're not that little but new nonetheless. I got 3 Wellsummer (brown) and 3 Columbian Wyandotte (white). Both breeds are decent layers and are also dual-purpose birds... so in another 2 years we'll start again!

These two breeds are similar in may ways:  (check out this great Chicken Breeds site!)
  • good layers; Welsummer - terra cotta brown, Wyandotte - lighter brown
  • moderately early maturing
  • cold hardy
  • larger sized breeds
  • good backyard bird
Welsummer - 4 weeks old

Columbian Wyandotte - 3 mos old

Right now they're hanging out in the safety of the coop, getting used to their surroundings and each other. Still pretty skiddish, they mellow out a tad each day and in about 10 days I'll let them "downstairs" to roam the grass. I try to handle them so they get used to me, but being caged since day one, they're not exactly standing still to be caught. Both breeds are fairly calm so eventually they'll come back down to earth!

Will keep you updated on the progress...

~ GP

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  1. Congrats on your new family! They look like a happy group of hens.... can't wait to meet them and hear more stories.


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